My Step-Dad Tony Granatowski

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Tony Granatowski

Tony Granatowski

To say that Tony Granatowski was one of the most wonderful humans to walk this earth does not do him justice; he is deserving of so much more.

I am the stepdaughter of Tony and I grieve every single day. Tony was compassionate, caring, hard-working and self-sacrificing.
The world is missing a wonderful man.

I have known Tony since I was in kindergarten in Lake Oswego when I would play with his youngest daughter, Emilee.

After Tony and Donna moved to Arizona for Donna’s cancer treatment, Emilee and I stayed in contact.

Tony, Emilee and Jessica moved back to Lake Oswego after the tragic death of their wife and mother.

As two single parents, my mother, Katherine, and Tony helped each other out in any way they could.

Tony took care of me and my mom took care of Emilee and Jessica and our two families often cooked dinners together.

It wasn’t until years later that my mom and Tony began a romantic relationship and the two were married in October of 2000 at
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego.

After their marriage, my mom and Tony expanded and remodeled our home to help blend our families.

They put their heart and soul into every single aspect of designing and manually constructing the house.

They spent hundreds of hours going to nurseries, buying exotic plants, and landscaping the yard into a beautiful garden.

Each plant had a meaning and many were gifts that they gave to each other. When the house was finished, it was incredible.

It was obvious how much love the two of them put into their work together.

At the beginning of my mom and Tony’s marriage, I was a young adolescent and I was immature, rude, and sometimes outright cruel.
Tony and I did not have the best relationship due to my inconsiderate behavior, yet he continued to love me as his own child.

It was not all fights between the two of us, but I wish that I could tell him how much I truly cared, and still care about him.

By the end of my sophomore year in high school, I grew up. Tony and I were friends and we enjoyed each other’s company.

We would stay up late talking in the kitchen eating the wonderful leftovers from his dinners.

I will always miss his fantastic cooking and his incredible ability to whip up amazing meals when I tried to claim that there was nothing to eat.

Tony began to teach me how to golf over the summer and I wish he was here to teach me now.

We had many jokes together and I can still hear him poking fun and me or my mom.

In November of my junior year in high school, I was in a terrible car accident; and although Tony had just gotten back into town from traveling for his job and was sound asleep, he and my mother immediately drove to the hospital to sit with me through the night.
As a child, Tony had been in a bad car accident and he related to me throughout the process and helped me greatly.

I still suffer from orthopedic problems from the accident and I would give anything to have Tony here to talk to about it.

Immediately after the car accident, my entire family became sick with the flu, but unfortunately, Tony never recovered.

He became more and more sick and was diagnosed with terminal cancer right before Christmas. One month later, Tony passed away
early in the morning on January 24, 2004 with my mother holding him close.

It breaks my heart that by the time Tony and I were bonding, he was taken away from those who loved him dearly and those who were yet to be blessed by his presence. Tony Granatowski was an incredible person who gave his all to those around him. He loved people unconditionally and worked incredibly hard to protect and provide for his family. He was kind, caring, loving, intelligent, and funny. There are not words to express the wonderful nature of Tony.

Only those who knew him know the incredible loss that this world has suffered.

Claire Von Derau
Lake Oswego, Oregon
January 24, 2006

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  1. Melodie Maas-Milhoan

    06. Jan, 2010

    Claire, I knew Tony since i was a little girl of 13. He and I went to a school in Woodland Hills, CA called Summerhill West and later both attended Pacific High. I have so many memories of him playing his guitar and his smile with his cracked front tooth. He was like my big brother throughout the years that I knew him. Giving me advice, sometimes not wanted, but I listened. The last time I saw him was at our last reunion. He kept asking me to sing music with him and to join in some of the group activities. I wasn’t feeling like that and didn’t. Of course i didn’t know that I would never get a chance to visit with him again. He seemed fine except for the recent loss of his wife I though he was in good health. Then later I heard of his death. It does sound like for all his losses he also have so much happiness in his life. Nothing is more important then family and friends.

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  2. Lee Rousso

    24. Nov, 2011

    I knew Tony and Donna in San Diego in the early 1980s. I haven’t had that many good friends in my life. Tony was one of the best!

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  3. Kelley Smith

    23. Mar, 2013

    I am so sorry to hear tony passeed. I also knew him when I was a young girl of 14. He was a great guy. I did see him again at a high school reunion . He was the best thing about the reunion .

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