Where are they now?

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JAY BALDWIN- (staff ’69-’71) lives in “a chicken coop near Petaluma, riding the uneasy cusp between quaint and tacky”. He teaches environmental studies and radical ecological design at a number of Bay Area schools as well as lecturing, consulting and working on ecological design as far away as China, Tbilisi, and Tahiti. He edited two of the big Whole Earth Catalogs and authored BuckyWorks (Wiley, 1996), a look at Buckminster Fuller’s ideas at work today.

Stan Bean

Stan Bean

REYNOLD (STAN) BEAN – My wife and I have been living in Crestone, CO for over a year now. We have finished our house building project, living in a 27 sided home with incredible views of the Sangre de Christo mountains and the San Luis Valley. We are just about 15 miles north of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. My wife is retired from the Albuquerque Public Schools, as an elementary school counselor. She is now a full time artist and landscaper, on our property. I write for the local newspaper, the Crestone Eagle. I am the County reporter, covering the County Commission meetings. I also work for a regional educational project, training school leadership teams from schools across southwestern Colorado. Other than that I do landscaping on our property. We both are supposed to be retired, but seem more active now than when we were nominally working.

We will be leaving in September for five weeks in Europe. I will be spending all my time in Scotland, but my wife will be in France and Italy for two weeks with her adult daughters, then come to Aberdeen to stay for the rest of the time. A long planned trip. I hope to find out why I have been so obsessed with going to Scotland for so long. Maybe I have mysterious roots there.

I have recently been elected to the Antioch College Alumni Board of Directors, and look forward very much to becoming involved with the School that did so much to form my character and interests. There is currently a renaissance going on at the College that I want to be part of. (8/00)

ROBIN BLOOMGARDEN – (’69-’71) was alumni locator for THE Pacific High School Reunion, and had a blast speaking with, and getting to know, nearly everyone who even thought of going to Pacific. She recently spent 13 months checking out an intentional community in North Carolina, near Asheville. Recently, Robin experienced the people, history and spiritual intensities of Peru with 5 women friends for 15 days. “Not long enough”, she says. “I could do months there”.

Robin is back in Oregon now, to continue her search for the right community to devote her energies to. Her swan song on the E. Coast was being involved in April in the DC protests, conferences and rallies against the IMF, World Bank and “Star Wars”, and for debt relief for the worlds poorest countries. She is really jazzed that large numbers of people are getting energized to fight against corporate and US domination of the world and it’s resources.

Since leaving Pacific, Robin traveled extensively (Africa, Europe, Latin America, Israel,US, etc), worked on dude ranches and in book publishing, served in the Israeli Army, worked as a medical assistant, editor of the Portland Free Press, managed real estate holdings, and been a social and environmental activist in the Pacific NW. Now that she has some access to the Net, she is enjoying catching up with all her old friends.

BRUCE BRENNAN – (’68-’69) co-owns a Victorian bed and breakfast inn in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco. Bruce has been a dome builder in Nova Scotia and New York, learned French cooking at Brassiere St. Germaine in Manhasset, NY, and served as chef on yacht cruises in the Caribbean. He is planning to join a cruise along the international dateline to see in January 1, 2000.

RYAN COLLAY (TIEDT) – (’74-’75) was able to use his PHS diploma and his hand written transcript (he wrote it himself) to get into Chico State University and then the University of Oregon. He is now an administrative faculty member at Oregon State University working as Programs Coordinator for SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences), a math and science enrichment program for minority youth.

CYNDI CONNER (SHAW) – (’68-’70), who has lived in Anchorage Alaska since 1977, is the merchandise director for the pro hockey team, The Anchorage Aces and owns a dress shop. She has four children, two boys and two girls.

PEGGY CREELMAN – (’66-’68) is a Chinese and alternative medicine practitioner. Among the techniques she employs is muscle testing for supplements and to discover errors in chemical sequences of physiological processes. She reports particular success with the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome and environmental illness. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her two daughters.

LOUISE DAY (PRAEL) – (’66-’68) has lived in Canada since 1969. After earning a Masters degree in Japanese literature at the University of Toronto, she taught at York University and studied/practiced bodywork and therapy in Toronto until she married Renwick Day, a financial advisor, in 1984. They now have three daughters, whom Louise has home schooled, Masae, 12, Shifra, 9 and Haigan, 8. The Day’s are a musical family: Renwick – jazz bass, Louise and Masae – violin, Shifra – piano and Haigan- cello.

DARIA RUSSELL DOERING (DEBBY RUSSELL) – (’71-’72) decided it was time to reconnect to some bizarre segments of her past, and hence initiated the 1997 PHS Reunion. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Mike, and three children aged 8,5,and 2. Since leaving Pacific she has, among other things, been as associate producer for PBS, and started a network of “Attachment Parenting” groups in San Diego based on books by Dr. William Sears.

JACK DUBOW – lives in Carmel where he is a charter boat captain and is involved in property development. Since Pacific he has lived in Hawaii, cruised up and down the California coast in the boat he built at Pacific, owned a top of an island in Cost Rica and lived in Big Sur. He continues to build boats and has also built a solar car.

SULAIMAN (JOHN) DUFFORD – who suggests that we “call [him] the former music and drama teacher who sold his soul to Pacific for $100 per month (first year salary)” now lives in Malaysia and is a music teacher at The University Pertanian. He has been a Muslim for the past 26 years and has “dealt [himself] out of the western game”. He tells us that he has two sons, Dainuri (20) and Effendi (16) who are “MENSA-types”.

DEAN FARWOOD (FARBMAN) – (’66-’69) lives in San Rafael with his wife, an RN, and their 8 year old daughter. After Pacific, he traveled in Europe, spent two years at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (studying composition/keyboard and learning that he lacked the discipline required to make up for his absence of talent), spent a year immersed in an intense study of chess which resulted in his reaching the level of pigeon. He trained as a physical therapist at Columbia University in 1979 and currently specializes in the treatment of spine pain syndromes.

DAN FRIEDMAN – (’66-’68) is currently the General Manager of Xolar Corporation, a dealer of Hot Spring Spas, in Santa Rosa, California. After Pacific High School he made the college tour attending Reed College, Foothill College, City College of San Francisco, Santa Rosa Junior College and finally graduating from Sonoma State College. He worked as a press operator, a teacher, a food co-op supervisor, a spa salesman and now a manager. He lives in Sebastopol with his high school love and now wife Jan, and their two children, their three cats and numerous fish, spiders, ants and computers. He enjoys traveling, music, cooking and reading.

GILBERT FRIEDMAN – (’69-’70) is a 1984 graduate of the Loyola Law School. He is married and works as an attorney in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

JAN FRIEDMAN (NAWALINSKI) – (’65-’68) After working as a Maternal/Child and Labor and Delivery nurse for 25 years, Jan is now working part time while working towards a Multimedia degree at the College of Marin. In her spare time she is learning to sing, write songs and play the guitar as well as working with textiles, dying and marbling fabric and weaving. She and her husband, former Pacific student Dan Friedman, have been married for 26 years. They have two children, Heather (23) and Nathaniel (16) and live in Sebastopol.

GRETEL GEIGER MILES – (64-66) Now known as G.G.Miles, Gretel is a journalist and artist who has lived in Canada since 1974, currently in the territory of the Gitxsan Nation. She has been a Canadian citizen since 1981. Gretel tells us that she received a university degree in social work, has been sober since 1980, quit tobacco in 1989, ane clean since 1987. She is involved in the local music festival, arts council and enjoys living where the air and water are clean and there is beauty all around. Her son, Morgan Geiger (b. 1967) – who can make the interesting dual claim to having served in the army in the Gulf War and also being Contry Joe’s McDonald’s (“And it’s one two three what are we fighting for???”) nephew – lives in the Bay Area with his artist wife. Gretel writes, “I’m grateful for the eclectic educational experience of Pacific.”

MARIA (GARFINKEL) GONZALEZ- (’66-’67) finished “real” school at Palo Alto High School. She received a B.F.A at the San Francisco Art Institute, her M.F.A. at San Jose State University and studied at the Academy of Art, Mexico. She has worked as an urban planner and paralegal and continues as an active artist. She lives with her husband and their 14 year-old son in Castro Valley.

PHYLLIS (PJ) HAIG (65-66): attended the College of San Mateo and Sonoma State University ’67 to ’71 studying art, special education, and psychology. Although she dropped out to protest the war and submit to drug addiction, she sobered up in ’76 and returned to Sonoma State to receive a Masters Degree in Counseling. Licensed as a counselor in 1987, she currently maintains a private practice in Santa Rosa, specializing in abuse/neglect survival, addictions, non-medical treatment of depression, parenting, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, feelings recovery and relational healing. She is trained in Gestalt, Hypnosis, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and a rapid eye movement trauma resolution method. She is single, spiritual, and has a wonderful 15 years old son who is studying in an innovative public school art/multimedia/video production program. She is in touch with her sister, Tammy, and can contact her father, Bruce, who taught art at Pacific in ’65-’66, if anyone wants to connect with them.

MAKO HAGGERTY – (’69-’72) is a commercial fisherman in Alaska where he lives with his wife Alice, a jeweler and their two thirteen-year-old children.

BRUCE HOBSON – (’63-’67) has been active in revolutionary politics and social movements in the U.S., Mexico and Central America for many years. Most recently he has been involved in a long-term project with Guatemalan refugees and the Mexican indigenous in Chiapas. After spending three years in a U.S. federal prison for “harboring an escaped prisoner and related political offenses” Bruce worked at UCLA and then moved to Mexico and became active in rural health programs. He now lives in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his wife Adelina and his daughters Lina (18) and Gabriela Sarai (5).

ARON (RON) HELLIGAS – (’68-’72) and his wife, Faye, a dog breeder, live in Oregon with their two daughters aged 9 and 7. Aron attended Portland State University, travled to Mexico and now works as an automotive technician. Other interests include boating, fishing and rehabilitating old houses.

FRANK HOLLOWELL – The son of Christine Sundstrom, identified as “Franklin” in the second photograph on page one of the Pacific High School Photo Gallery, Frank was spotted on our web site by his wife Barb who writes, “Frank is 29 now and I have been happily married to this wonderful kid for almost five years. He is the Executive Sous Chef at a Cajun/Creole restaurant in Maryland. I have always loved hearing stories about the wonderful experiences he had at PH. My own childhood, though really cool, but nonetheless Suburban Wonder Bread, pales in comparison to all of the adventures he had.”

WARREN HOWE- (staff ’65-’69) and his wife Janet Karon live in Pendleton, Oregon during the academic year where Warren teaches in the English Department at Blue Mountain Community College. During the summer they live in a log/frame cabin Warren built (“….my carpentry experience at PHS undoubtedly ‘took’ “) in Sumpter. After Pacific, Warren obtained a doctorate in Literature at Idaho State University and has taught at Idaho State University, Urbana College and Beijing Foreign Languages College (China). Although active in reading, poetry and long-distance bicycle riding, Warren’s life ambition – destined to remain unfulfilled – is too see the Cleveland Indians win the World Series.

BOB JAMEYSON – (’70-’71) is a special education teacher in Seattle. He and his wife Eva, a physical therapist have two children aged 2 and 4. Although nearly expelled from Pacific for IV infractions Bob cleaned up and went on to receive a B.A. from the University of Alaska and a Masters in special education from the University of Washington. He is a 2nd degree black belt in Karate.

CHRISTOPHER JONES – (65-67) after graduation Chris joined Draft Resistance’s East Palo Alto Peace and Liberation Commune. After three trials for draft resistance, in which he defended himself, he was given relatively light a one year sentence in a minimum security federal prison camp in Arizona. When he was released after nine months, he became the first director of Agape, a small social change/social justice foundation in Palo Alto initially funded by Joan Baez and based on Ghandian nonviolence. Six years later he went to college, graduating from Berkeley with Master degrees in Public Health and Social Welfare, focusing on aging health policy. Along the way he helped develop an academic program at San Francisco State in Human Sexuality Studies; Chris, captivated by that wondrous dynamic, sexual orientation. He moved to Seattle in 1987 to become the deputy director of the Northwest AIDS Foundation and consultant to the Governor’s Task Force on HIV/AIDS. After helping to develop the State Department of Health HIV/AIDS program, he now heads the grants and contracts section of the Seattle King County Department of Public Health. When he’s not working he’s meditating or traveling and though he hasn’t married or had children, along the way he’s enjoyed giving birth/ form to a few healthy environmental/social change/public health organizations.

LLOYD KAHN – (staff, ’69-’71) is still a publisher, some 27 years later, and it all started at PHS with the Domebooks. He built a dome in Bolinas, which was featured in Life magazine in ’73. A year later, disillusioned with domes, he took Domebook 2 out of print (it had sold 170,000 copies) and tore down his dome and built a stud-framed house out of used lumber. He published Refried Domes as a wrap-up of the dome years. Since domes hadn’t worked he decided to explore other bldg methods and in 73, after a year of travel and photography throughout the US and Europe, published Shelter, a large-format book with 1000 photos of world-wide building. Lately he has been publishing books mostly on fitness, i.e. stretching, running, and weight lifting and is now working on a book on septic systems (illustrated by Peter Aschwanden, who did the drawings for the Idiot’s Volkswagen book) and a software program that will remind people to stretch at their computers. In about a year and a half he will start work on another building book, to be called Homework, which will be a chronicle of everything he’s seen happen in building in the last 25 years. (And you sure don’t see it in Fine Homebuilding or Architectural Digest.)

His publishing company is called Shelter Publications and their books are distributed by Random House. The most successful book has been Stretching, by Bob Anderson, which has sold 2 million copies and is in 17 languages.

Lloyd has 1/2 acre in Bolinas, with his production studio next to the house, in the middle of a vegetable garden. He works out regularly – running, mtn. biking, and surfing. He goes to Baja every few months, keeps an ’83 Toyota 4×4 truck down there and camps out on beaches, surfs, and explores arroyos. Lloyd got remarried in the mid-70s and has two more boys, now 16 and 18. At 62 Lloyd has no plans for retirement. He love publishing and the art of communication, is fascinated by the digital world, and is excited by what’s coming in the future.

STEVE KROEGER – although not a student or staff member was a part of the Pacific family from 1971 as a firefighter and neighbor. Steve initially came to Pacific for the volleyball competitions but found an affinity with “an awful lot of very generous people.” Steve married Wendy Hartley in 1984 and moved to Butte County. He still works in firefighting in the Mendicino National Forest.

JIM LANGWORTHY – (’65-’67) Since leaving Pacific Jim has worked in construction design in Arizona and California. He is currently a student of Museum Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

STEVE LAUGHTON (’69-’71) is now a electrical roofing and general contractor in Los Gatos. Famous for his PHS Yellow Submarine Steve later worked as a commercial diver and carpenter before becoming a contractor. He has traveled to London, Paris, Moscow, Munich and St. Petersburg.

NICK LEHR (aka Nick Flynn) – (’66-68) is a musician and playwright and lives in Washington state. After Pacific he studied English Literature and Theater Arts at Southern Oregon College, Cannda College, and Hayward State. He has worked as an actor in television and films, game show host in Holland, stage actor on both coasts, theater producer and director, musical composer, set designer, restaurateur, story teller, crooner, scribbler of words and Underwater Ceramics Technician (i.e. dishwasher). He is currently at work on a novel about his “wild years” after leaving Pacific to his mid-twenties. He is interested in writing a screenplay about Pacific High School during ’66-’68 and would appreciate any suggestions, remembrances, etc. He lists his greatest accomplishment as, “maintaining a semblance of personal integrity against an almost overwhelming desire to be stupid at times,” and, when questioned about his best memory of Pacific states, “I’ve reached the age where all memories are good ones, even the bad ones.”

MAAS-MILHOAN, MELODIE – tells us, ” I’m not a caterer anymore. I’m working for Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks, a non profit organization focused on environmental education, and the preservation of our precious local coastal lands. Less money, more rewards.”

ANDREW MEBLIN – (’65-’67) now lives in Orinda with his wife Shivon, a paralegal, and their 9 year-old daughter. Andrew is a television producer, consultant and writer; his other interests are competitive shooting, mountian biking, fishing, cooking and monkey-wrenching.

GREGORY McCONNELL – (66-67) After Pacific Gregory attended the University of California at Santa Cruz (BA 74) and the University of Oregon (MA 79). He has traveled in various parts of Asia over the years and has had various occupations ranging from animal caretaker, fire fighter, house painter, etc. to petty bureaucrat. He currently lives in San Francisco with his two cats and make his living writing environmental impact statements and other documents. He spends his free time remodeling his flat, practicing Aikido, yoga, and tai chi, and studying Buddhism.

ROBBIE (CROSSTOWN) MOORE – (’74-’75) is a building contractor in Chico. He has worked at a firewood company (he lists as one of his wors PHS memories: “no firewood to keep warm in the winter”), as a massage therapist and in house remodeling. He has travled to Belize, Hawaii and Russia. His interests include camping, guitar, mountain biking, skiing, organic food and world travel.

MICHAEL A. MORAN – (’70) spent only a few months at Pacific and graduated from Edison Continuation High in San Jose in 1971 along with Vince’s brother, Luis Mow. He attended various community colleges, graduated from San Francisco State in 1979 with a B.A. in Psychology, and from U.C. Davis with an M.A. in 1981, and Ph.D. in 1983 (all in Psychology). Michael has been working as an engineer for most of the past 15 years. He has done volunteer work as a psychological assistant, and as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the Santa Cruz County Juvenile Court. He is on the steering committee of the Central Coast Division of California Poets in the Schools and actively supports their efforts.

Michael is getting married (for the first time) August 1, 1998 to the noted Russian concert pianist, organist, and concert meister, Vlada Volkova. They are building a house in Santa Cruz, due to be completed in June, 1998 and look forward to raising a family.

VINCENT J. MOW – (’69-’70) has lived in Philadelphia since 1974 although his now trying to sell his 3-story Victorian house on the outskirts of the city so that he can buy a live-aboard size sailboat and stay on the water for awhile – part of his divorce recovery program. His four “great kids” live with their mother in Northern Connecticut. Vincent worked in alternate energy, energy conservation, automated municipal waste recycling systems, aquatic waste treatment systems and is now an independent environmental consultant developing remediation technologies and acting as a compliance mediator for agricultural clients. This year he formed Still Pond Studios, Ltd. on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay making some innovative accessories for sailboats.

PHIL NOELKE – was one of the two ‘seniors’ of the ’62 -’63 year at Pacific. Despite his contrary and rudderless attitude during that year, the experience ultimately effected his psyche drastically and positively since the seventies. Phil doubts that Stan Bean would have asked the Phil-of-then to be a student in the ’64 year, but is convinced that he would pass muster for the 1997 year. After bouncing around Asia and the Pacific for 10 years, Phil returned to the US to start, grow and ultimately bankrupt a large manufacturing company located in Sonoma County. He currently resides in Santa Rosa when he is not in Baja sleeping on the Playa. He is an omnivorous designer but does national account packaging and display work for his existence money. He is survived by his son, Patchen (24), his daughter, Ariana (14) his cats, Max & Yoda, 2 ex-wives and his girlfriend Lorilee.

MARK PAULEKAS – (’62) is an emergency room physician. He and his wife, an RN, and their children (7 and 4) live in Modesto.

CHRISTOPHER RICHARD (Staff ’73-’78) – is curator of Aquatic Biology at the Oakland Museum of California. Past exhibits include aquatic habitats of California, marine mammals and wildflowers. He is working on an upcoming exhibit on caves in California. Christopher publishes books, maps and a web site on urban streams of the San Francisco Bay area. His wife, Sheila, is a performer of Balinese gamelan music.

ARIELLE RIDLEY – (’65) is an owner of and teacher at a Montessori school. She graduated from Cubberley High, attended the San Francisco Art Institute, received a B.A. from Cal. State Hayward, and an M.A. in education and a Montessori teaching degree from the College of Notre Dame. After Pacific she lived on a farm in New Mexico and raised her children, now ages 32, 27 and 25. In her free time she does etching, pottery, camping, gardening and is a hot-air balloon pilot. She is still in love with her PHS sweetheart and is best friends with her best girlfriend from PHS. Best memories of PHS: “My friends, Bill Bowman and the art class, making love on my 16th birthday, Hopiland, and the school itself.” Worst memory of PHS: “Stan Bean (whom I really like since the reunions) and the Common room meeting.

MARIANNE SCHLUMBERGER (BOCK) – (’62-’63) who now lives in Sappey-en-Chartreuse, France writes, “I never experienced the school on Skyline but heard that things went downhill as the rest of society declared freedom fashionable and Pacific became the conformist thing to do. To me Pacific was an invaluable encounter with the non-conformists who had strong values and treated us as friends and not as students. Relationships between boys and girls were much more natural than in the public schools but we felt cut off from the rest of the world which is one reason I left.”

BOB SHALIT – (’70-’71) attended College of the Redwoods, University of Washington; and earned his BA and MA at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He has been teaching College-preparatory and Honors Chemistry at Salinas High School for the last 10 years. Bob, his wife Tracy, also a teacher, and their fraternal twins Ian and Zachary (born 8/3/87) live in the hills between Salinas and Monterey off of Hwy 68.

MARC SILBER – (’66-’67) has managed to keep Pacific alive; he is the president of Pacific Management Consultants in Campbell, CA, which delivers management training seminars and consults with a variety of clients from health care to high tech, with a few other interesting clients such as Van Morrison. Marc, his wife Jan and their 4 boys (ages 20, 15, 11 and 7) are avid outdoors people – rock climbing, hiking, biking and skiing – while apparently Marc is the only surfing fiend in the family.

JONATHAN SMITH (’70-’71) – a fire service manager who lives with his wife Mandy and daughter Emily in Troutdale, Oregon, remembers Pacific for brown rice, geodesic domes, lots of mud and tedious community meetings. “I was basically along for the ride and not much of a participant”. Current interests include local Catholic parish activities, physical fitness, and writing.

GRETCHEN (GOLDSTEIN) SPICER – (’69) is married to Tom Spicer, brother of PHS staff member Jack Spicer. They live in “a beautiful remote hill farm”. Gretchen homeschooled their 7 children (aged 26, 24, 22, 19, 16, 10, and 4), lived in a commune and silk-screened T-shirts, become a paramedic and worked on ambulances and in emergency rooms for five years, worked at an outdoor theater devoted to the classics, moved back to the country, started an organic market garden business, studied to become a midwife and went to Jamaica and delivered babies in a very poor public maternity hospital. Currently she is finishing up her midwifery apprenticeship and hopes to be practicing on her own this winter.

VINCENT STANLEY – (’67-69 and ’72) may have been PHS’s most brilliant rising star – student in 1967, assistant director in 1968 – and ignominious falling star – board member in 1969, admissions in 1972. “My [admissions] duties consisted largely of rounding up three or four students to persuade Bird’s Nest to put on some clothes when prospective parents were due for a tour.” After Pacific, Vincent bummed around Europe, attended St. Johns College in Santa Fe, and took a temporary management job (which lasted 20 years) at his uncle’s mountain-climbing gear making company, Chouinard which grew into the clothing company, Patagonia. Vincent left to became a full- time writer in 1992. Vincent lives in Santa Barbara with his wife, Nora Gallagher, and three cats, in an old, small house, shaded by cork oak trees. He has just finished his first novel and is at work on the second.

MELANIE (PECK) Robbins – (66-69) lives in Reno, Nevada with her 15-year-old and 4-year-old daughters. At 18 Melanie sailed on a freighter to Norway where she worked as an au pair, at a shoe factory and at a brewery, as well as at restaurant/hotel jobs. Two years later she returned to South Lake Tahoe and worked in the casinos as a waitress and later in Reno where she dealt “21” and poker. She moved to Arizona with her first husband and attended the University of Arizona as an English major. After their breakup she moved to Los Angeles and graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in English/creative writing from UCLA in 1985. After graduation she began a career as a newspaper reporter. She married Peter Supersano in 1990 and has continued part-time reporting after the birth of their daughter, Mariana. Peter and Melanie split and Melanie married again and now has Angela, as well, another beautiful daughter. Melanie has won various journalism awards including Outstanding Journalist (the state’s top award) in 1991, and Best Investigative Reporting in 1990. She is senior editor for the University of Nevada, Reno’s alumni magazine, Nevada Silver & Blue.

DAVID TAKAHASHI – lives outside Boulder, Colorado in a turn of the century mining town with his wife, a pianist and buddhist extraordinaire, their two daughters, aged 3 and 5, and a sweet but neurotic dog, Angus. “I have been working in the computer software world since the seventies. I find it suits my temperment pretty well. In terms of practice, I have been involved with Shambhala training and zen archery.”

GREG TROLL – (’64 -’67) and his wife Iris (Mariane Moore), also a Pacific alumnus, live in Sebastopol with their 7 year-old daughter Mirabai. Other children include Simon (26), David (25) and Josh (21). Greg has worked as a carpenter, baker, auto factory line worker, midwife and ultimately graduated from the Stanford Medical School in 1982. Initially his medical activity was split between farm worker clinics in California and plant medicine research in Nicaragua. Later he completed fellowships in HIV care and academic medicine and became a member of the medical faculty at UCSF, teaching cross cultural medicine and the doctor-patient relationship. After several years working at the Yosemite Medical Clinic, he moved to Sebastopol where he now works part-time in a clinic and part time as an emergency room physician. His main interests are child raising, practicing sound current yoga (as taught by Kirpal Singh by whom he was intiated in 1968) and sporadically playing what he hopes to pass off as music.

RUSSELL TOWLE – (’66) lives near the old mining town of Dutch Flat in the Sierra foothills of Nevada County. He has two children, Janet (7) and Greg (5), named after Pacific friends Janet Creelman and Greg Troll. Russell is a writer (Giant Gap Press: books on California history, digital topographic maps), computer programmer, environmentalist, musician and student of geology and geometry.

NANCY MARSHALL WALLACE – (student ’64-65, staff ’68) earns her living writing, teaching and editing in Philadelphia. She has published two books on how children think and learn. Her own chlidren, Ishmael (25) and Vita (22) are professional classical musicians.

LOUISE WILLIS-LORENZ – (’71-’72) is a high school art teacher in Pennsylvania. She is married and is the mother of a 9 year-old boy and 2 year-old girl.

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3 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. Charm Hedemark

    03. Nov, 2009

    My brother, Noel Hedemark, attended Pacific High and our father, Earl Hedemark, was the lawyer and a board member for Pacific High, until his death in 1973. I would welcome any memories anyone is willing to share with me about Earl. Please write… Yours, Charm Hedemark

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  2. Sherry

    30. Nov, 2009

    Sherry was the pianist at Pacific High School…there after martin left. Only stayed about 6 months, friend of Michael Korns. fond memory of goat coming into music room and chewing up my book of Beethoven Sonatas.
    I’d like to know about what has happened to the PHS location…and where exactly on skyline Blvd. was that?!

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  3. Robin B

    18. Jan, 2010

    Hello Sherry,

    Re the Old School location, as I remember it, from Hwy 9 heading north, it is approx. 3 miles, on the left. Watch for a large turnout as you are taking a long right hand curve.

    You can still park there and walk down the hill, but I suggest that you head towards the lake (to the right) at the bottom, as the property is now owned by a Zen center and they may not appreciate people just wandering in at any time. You can go all the way around the old property and up to the ridge, and come out again where the Chicken coops and the big house used to be. It is all public land now, and all the buildings except the four main buildings by the turnout were taken down by the counties sometime in the late 70’s, I believe. Enjoy.

    Robin Bloomgarden

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