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Robin’s notes 10-19-09:

Tag (Tyler) Eccles died of Pancreatic cancer on July 26th, 2009, in Juneau, AK. I hear that he went out in STYLE, and with a smile on his face! I’m really glad to hear it. For more info, DO contact Bill Ashby at, or at 907-723-8700.

Tag was the resident piano player at the Red Dog Saloon for many years, he was known as Phineas Poon and was loved by all! Phineas still lives, at . Tag is survived by his wife, Dr. Hildegard Sellner, and his daughter April. Hildegard is originally from Munich, Germany.


Piece from Junior High friend Barbara in CA:

One story that comes to mind is Tag had invited us to go skinny dipping at a pond or small lake near the school one evening. I was swimming in the lake and came walking out onto the beach and Tag was standing there with some guy and of course nobody was wearing any cloths.. Tag says,, “I want to introduce you to Mark Sheehan who is our principal”,, I was so embarrased.. I went to Homestead High and it was hard to imagine standing nude with my principal. I will never forget this and always wished my parents would let me go to Pacific High.


Tag’s pre-prepared remarks for friends at his Wake on Sept 19th, 2009, in Juneau. AK. Bill didn’t want me to post these until after the wake.  Robin

Hey everybody, thanx for comin, I hoped you all would show today, but I wasn’t sure, that’s why we put out the free food. Please forgive me for not being here with you today, but it seems I have taken an unexpected fork in the road. The truth is, it’s not bad down here! Or at least I won’t have to worry about being cold in my old age. Just kidding I actually don’t know where I am yet since I’m writing this in advance.

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I have no regrets about my life here on earth. I feel I gave it a decent shot, though it feels like I spent most of it as a tourist rather than a hard worker. I believe I always tried to be a relatively decent person and I certainly have had a full and wonderful life full of love and adventure. I must say a lot of that had to do with knowing you and my decision to make Juneau my home. This place was always where my heart lived, maybe since the first day I arrived on April 21st 1971, though I didn’t mind spending a few months in Hawaii every now and then.

I had a great childhood growing up in innocent and nurturing California back in the 50’s and 60’s. My parents were loving and eccentric, wonderful and very supportive of creativity in all forms. I feel my childhood was very happy and magical. Starting back in junior high, it seemed like I was always in the band, the playing of music seemed to be the only thing that really caught and kept my imagination, and since has taken me around the world and given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people throughout my life. Of course it was not easy, wondering where food and rent would be coming from was always very unsettling for me, and on many occasions I had doubts about my direction, and my future. But I decided if I just kept following my heart, I couldn’t go too far wrong. It was difficult to continue often times in the face of reality, but living in illusion seemed to come easily, and so for the most part I chose to live in fantasy land.

I never considered myself much of a piano player, though at times I did have a few moments of inspiration and a feeling of soaring and tremendous joy. I did harbor ambitions for most of my life to one day take my place among the rich and famous, but deep down I was undisciplined and enjoying life too much to commit to the necessary steps involved. So when the golden opportunities did eventually presented themselves, of course I was unprepared and missed the boat. Now that I reflect upon it, I feel life would not have been nearly as fulfilling as the one I stumbled into here with you in Alaska.

And finally I would like to say that the most important thing I learned during my lifetime was to come from a place of integrity, a person who could be relied upon, and love all people for who they were without judgment. And to sum it up, one whose friends and family were the most important thing in someone’s short life on earth.

For those interested, I invite you to get on the list and come up here, take up this microphone and tell some lies, a funny story or just a tale about me. I think it would be important for my daughter and new grandson to know me from your point of view. And on that note I will simply say, it’s been nice knowing ya, bye bye everybody, you’ll have to get along without me for awhile, over and out.

List of the music Tag selected for his Wake at the Alaskan Hotel, Juneau, AK, sometime in September 2009: Lucy in the sky; Eric Satie; Wild world /cat stevens; Bali Hai, from south pacific; Picture me in paradise; You’ve got a friend, James Taylor; Theme from gone with the wind; Theme from Laurence of Arabia; Theme from magnificent 7; Hawaiian guitar music; All you need is love; Keep things straight, TAG; One time only thing, TAG, and, at the Red Dog Saloon for the final ceremony of placing his ashes above the bar for eternity: Pomp and circumstance; Four seasons/ Vivaldi; Traditional Celtic tune. End


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    PHS: More on Tag Eccles: Robin’s notes 10-19-09:
    Tag (Tyler) Eccles died of Pancreatic cancer on July..

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    More on Tag Eccles

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