The Oregonian: Anthony John Granatowski

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Tony Granatowski

Tony Granatowski

02/02/04 The Oregonian (w/ edits by Robin Bee and Claire Von Derau)

A Memorial Mass was held on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2004, at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for Anthony John Granatowski, who died suddenly of Cancer on Jan. 24 at age 50.
Tony was born Sept. 17, 1953, in Oceanside, Calif.

He was a student at Pacific High School in California from fall of 1969 to June of 1970. Tony was an incredible guitarist and musician and was always hanging with other musicians and jamming away. He spent some time living in the Green Dome with Efross, et al, and at Horney Mountain with Bob, Jonathan, Lorna and Alan.

Tony was gregarious, outgoing, and always a happy person. He returned to Southern CA. after Pacific, where he met the love of his life, Donna Pazos, in the restaurant business. They married, and moved to Lake Oswego about 1988.They moved to Scottsdale,
Ariz. for treatment in the mid 90’s while Donna was fighting Cancer, before returning to Lake Oswego in 1997 where she died during the PHS 1st All-School Reunion in August 1997. I was lucky enough to meet and get to know her for a few months. They were really something, together!

Those of you who were at the reunion should remember the fundraiser we had for the Susan B. Konen Breast Cancer Research program, in Donna’s name. In 2000 he married Katherine Von Derau,
Donna’s best friend, whose kids had grown up together with theirs. He did make it to the Reunion in 2002 and had a ball catching up with everybody over the weekend. Tony was the one who heroically drove to the flatlands late Friday night and procured hundreds of pounds (?) of cheeses, crackers and other goodies for the Saturday gathering. We certainly had plenty to eat!

We had a small, fun regional PHS gathering hosted by Tony and Katherine at their place about 4 weeks after the 2002 reunion, with Pete Moss, Dorothy Detsch, Kurt Nebel, Wendy Temko, and Aron Helligas. The expansion and remodeling of their home had just been finished after 6 years of construction chaos.

Tony and Katherine worked side-by-side to complete the project and it really looked great.

He was director of business analysis and systems integration for Food Services of America (computer whiz kid), and is survived by his wife Katherine; daughters, Jessica and Emilee; stepchildren Michael and Clair and sister, Karen Hetzel.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to say goodbye. I will miss his good-nature and ready laugh. Robin Bee (Bloomgarden)

If anyone else would like to contribute recollections about Tony send them in please.

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  1. Mariana Ovalle

    02. Mar, 2012

    Dear friends from Pacific High. You may remember me. I am Mariana and I remember Robin, Melanie and also Tony. Just last night I thought to look up our school in google and was happy and surprised to find it and what a treasure to visit the lost years. I remember so well so many who were there and didn’t know how to find you. I am sad about Tony. He was someone not to forget. He was always kind to me trying to get me to talk for I was quite shy and also at the time confused. Life can be so difficult and can be so wonderful. I don’t know if you knew but I am Brazilian and now I live in Rio de Janeiro where I was born. I am doing well. I am an artist. I also write poetry and play and compose on the guitar. I have no children but have a dog. I married an older man 30 years older whom I loved very much and was happy fro 17 years, but he died. Such is life. But I survived and at this moment am so happy to have found this connection with the past I thought lost. I would love to hear more from all of you who knew me. Mariana

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  2. Mariana Ovalle(Nicky)

    02. Mar, 2012

    The name is Mariana Ovalle but I was called by everyone Nicky. Maybe now you will remember me.

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